Armwrestling Risk

I am struggling to write a book.

I am not very good at putting thoughts to text. Probably, It will be one of those books that takes a lifetime to write. I know there is a story to tell and I could ‘tell it’ pretty good..but actually writing it seems impossible at times.

I am trying to find my angle. What is my point? Why would my story be important to tell? I know two things. It is about a journey and attempting to achieve your dreams. But we are missing an ending.

It seems like I am trying to debunk the myth. You know the myth. Award winning….(insert your choice of celebrity “here”) gets on the stage..thanks God, thanks the audience, thanks the fans…and then says THE words…

You know the words…

‘never give up on your dreams’

‘If you don’t give up…your dreams will come true.’

I have heard it time and time again since I was younger. I believe(d) it to be true, but the world seems to believe otherwise and is destined to prove me (us) wrong. There are forces of nature that don’t want my (our) dreams to come true. Road Blocks. Obstacles. Hurdles. You know what I am talking about. Over coming the ‘blank’ to success.

Yeah..thats it. That will be the crux of the story. If I don’t give up…will my dreams come true?

The way I see it, if I don’t give up, and succeed…my dreams will come true…and who will care about a book at that point anyway. Success stories have been there, done that.

Ahhhhhhh…but if I fail….and fail in Dramatic fashion.

Failure apon failure apon failure…and so on.

Well, there might be a interesting story to tell then.

As I sit here six years after embarking on this journey. Possibly on the eve of the single greatest advancement in that journey thus far…technologically speaking. Thinking to myself…this could be the difference. THIS IS THE GAME CHANGER.

I have thought this before though and turned out to be wrong. But I kept on…Kept on believing, kept on living. Am I proving the myth right or wrong?

‘never give up on your dreams’

Never is a long time. In this stage of the story, it is too early to give up. There has not been near enough failures to prove any myth. The story is only slightly interesting so far.

Therefore, we must continue to write…or live…

…the story continues…

Editor’s note
(not really the eve…more like a month away…but eve sounded better)


Armwrestling’s John Brzenk goes UFC style

Armwrestling is more than a sport to myself and the thousands of others involved. Beyond the actual act of arms pulling on eachother, the real draw is the people. That is the bonus. Before armwrestling, I rarely traveled an hour outside of my work or home unless it was the family reunion once a year. That was my comfort zone and the only people I knew were in it.

That is how you picked your friends. The real Friend zone is in fact that circle. The good friends were in it, distant and old friends were out of it. The internet and social media has allowed that zone to expand the circle. But it doesn’t replace the ‘friend get together’.

My friend zone is now international because of armwrestling.  And the tournament has become the ‘get together’. The best part of that GT is after. This is where the good stuff happens.  There is a sample clip of what I am talking about below. Take a look. The full clip goes on ARM TV tonight.

There has been some real demand for John Brzenk and the rest of us going UFC in the hotel so I will air it at 7:30 Pm, It will be Pacific Time. Join us. This will be a free clip so come on over. Here is the direct link..just click. Tell a friend.

What do you think? Comment below!!

Travis Bagent watches armwrestling on ARM TV

This is what motivates Gary Roberts. This is what keeps the ‘drive alive’ so to speak. I work way more hours then I probably should, and the wife Anissa will ask me…’why?’ I simply say..I love it. And loving this job is very easy but you still have to find something to motivate you day in and day out. Travis Bagent said it best in the clip below.

I love to hear these words. “I watched it on ARM TV” Travis Bagent has coined himself the ‘greatest left hander in the world’ and many would probably agree and it is cool that he watches ARM TV but it could be anybody. The words can come from someone attending their first event to John Brzenk, the greatest armwrestler of all time. A-N-Y-O-N-E . Knowing that there are guys and gals out there who need to know what is going on in the sport of armwrestling. They need to see the matches. I put that on my shoulders. It is up to me to deliver. Make it happen. I love it.

To love a job this much is very rare. I am very fortunate. I wouldn’t be here if it were not for the armwrestlers so to be able to do provide a service for them is an honor. The entire clip can be found here

Age a non-factor for world armwrestling champion John Woolsey

In contact sports, typically, the older you get the less competitive you become. Armwrestling is one of those sports that defies this logic. Case in point…John Woolsey. John won the very first professional armwrestling event ever held in 1973. To give some perspective, I was still crawling at the time. 36 years later and John is still winning. World Champion in 2008. Current National champion and will go for his umpteenth title in Venice Italy later this year. This man has won armwrestling matches spanning my entire life.

Amazing, Here is a video below of John giving it to some armwrestlers over half his age.
What other sport is this possible?

After you watch the YT clip below there is a fascinating five part series on John Woolsey’s history on ARM TV. Use the link below for Part One of that series.

Woolsey Part One

3.1 million hits in the month of June

I would like to quietly announce on this new blog that ARM TV has in fact surpassed 3 million hits for the month. The first time in five years to do so. Strangely, it was just a few months ago we were excited about having 2 million hits. At ten thousand unique visitors…that represents about 300 clicks a month per visitor. Not bad.

I don’t think any other armwrestling website in the world has those numbers. If you have any information to the contrary send it over.

Click here to watch one of the more popular videos on ARM TV this week. Corey Miller highlight video.

Armwrestling match of a lifetime

Sweet Victory. That feeling you get when you over come all odds to pull off a win at something. I saw it happen right here in Anadarko Oklahoma. A small town that looks like it is about to go out of business. The main street looks abandoned, windows broken, signs falling off buildings. Only a few miles outside of town though is the Gold River Casino. Now this was where all the people were at. This is also where Tim Lewis had such a victory.

Stallone Vs. Brzenk in more ways than one

If you click on the image of John below you will go to the trailer for the documentary Pulling John. I will no doubt be getting my hands on a copy when it is released. I read here that Navid says DVD will be shipped in October 2009. When this Stallone movie, Over the Top, was being produced, armwrestlers believed that the exposure would change the sport of armwrestling forever. And now that the documentary is being released…the armwrestlers, including myself are saying the same thing. Pulling John will change everything.

Will it?

John Brzenk...the greatest

John Brzenk...the greatest