Age a non-factor for world armwrestling champion John Woolsey

In contact sports, typically, the older you get the less competitive you become. Armwrestling is one of those sports that defies this logic. Case in point…John Woolsey. John won the very first professional armwrestling event ever held in 1973. To give some perspective, I was still crawling at the time. 36 years later and John is still winning. World Champion in 2008. Current National champion and will go for his umpteenth title in Venice Italy later this year. This man has won armwrestling matches spanning my entire life.

Amazing, Here is a video below of John giving it to some armwrestlers over half his age.
What other sport is this possible?

After you watch the YT clip below there is a fascinating five part series on John Woolsey’s history on ARM TV. Use the link below for Part One of that series.

Woolsey Part One



  1. It makes someone think about the future compared to other sports.If you are smart enough to avoid serious injures you can sure have a long and interesting career in this sport.It sure is much of this sport than what beats the eye.Experience, tendons and hard work make the difference.I wish John all the best and hope by the time I reach his age I will be just as greatly shapes as he is.


  2. Thanks so much for the comments Ion!

    Will pass along to John Woolsey

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