Armwrestling Risk

I am struggling to write a book.

I am not very good at putting thoughts to text. Probably, It will be one of those books that takes a lifetime to write. I know there is a story to tell and I could ‘tell it’ pretty good..but actually writing it seems impossible at times.

I am trying to find my angle. What is my point? Why would my story be important to tell? I know two things. It is about a journey and attempting to achieve your dreams. But we are missing an ending.

It seems like I am trying to debunk the myth. You know the myth. Award winning….(insert your choice of celebrity “here”) gets on the stage..thanks God, thanks the audience, thanks the fans…and then says THE words…

You know the words…

‘never give up on your dreams’

‘If you don’t give up…your dreams will come true.’

I have heard it time and time again since I was younger. I believe(d) it to be true, but the world seems to believe otherwise and is destined to prove me (us) wrong. There are forces of nature that don’t want my (our) dreams to come true. Road Blocks. Obstacles. Hurdles. You know what I am talking about. Over coming the ‘blank’ to success.

Yeah..thats it. That will be the crux of the story. If I don’t give up…will my dreams come true?

The way I see it, if I don’t give up, and succeed…my dreams will come true…and who will care about a book at that point anyway. Success stories have been there, done that.

Ahhhhhhh…but if I fail….and fail in Dramatic fashion.

Failure apon failure apon failure…and so on.

Well, there might be a interesting story to tell then.

As I sit here six years after embarking on this journey. Possibly on the eve of the single greatest advancement in that journey thus far…technologically speaking. Thinking to myself…this could be the difference. THIS IS THE GAME CHANGER.

I have thought this before though and turned out to be wrong. But I kept on…Kept on believing, kept on living. Am I proving the myth right or wrong?

‘never give up on your dreams’

Never is a long time. In this stage of the story, it is too early to give up. There has not been near enough failures to prove any myth. The story is only slightly interesting so far.

Therefore, we must continue to write…or live…

…the story continues…

Editor’s note
(not really the eve…more like a month away…but eve sounded better)


Travis Bagent watches armwrestling on ARM TV

This is what motivates Gary Roberts. This is what keeps the ‘drive alive’ so to speak. I work way more hours then I probably should, and the wife Anissa will ask me…’why?’ I simply say..I love it. And loving this job is very easy but you still have to find something to motivate you day in and day out. Travis Bagent said it best in the clip below.

I love to hear these words. “I watched it on ARM TV” Travis Bagent has coined himself the ‘greatest left hander in the world’ and many would probably agree and it is cool that he watches ARM TV but it could be anybody. The words can come from someone attending their first event to John Brzenk, the greatest armwrestler of all time. A-N-Y-O-N-E . Knowing that there are guys and gals out there who need to know what is going on in the sport of armwrestling. They need to see the matches. I put that on my shoulders. It is up to me to deliver. Make it happen. I love it.

To love a job this much is very rare. I am very fortunate. I wouldn’t be here if it were not for the armwrestlers so to be able to do provide a service for them is an honor. The entire clip can be found here


The first official blog…here it goes..wish me luck. I am fortunate enough to be involved in a career that is one of a kind. I film armwrestling. As far as I know, I created the career. It didn’t exist before ARM TV.

It has brought many experiences from around the world and I would like to use this blog to scrapbook and create a snapshot of that history. ARM TV has a world full of knowledge from the last five years but you have to be an outright fanatic to go through it all.

Armwrestling is a sport that doesn’t get much respect. By condensing some of that material into short videos, pictures and thoughts maybe we can help raise awareness for some people outside of the sport.

Thanks so much,

Gary Roberts


Nathan Seamon takes him down!

Nathan Seamon takes him down!

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