Armwrestling’s John Brzenk goes UFC style

Armwrestling is more than a sport to myself and the thousands of others involved. Beyond the actual act of arms pulling on eachother, the real draw is the people. That is the bonus. Before armwrestling, I rarely traveled an hour outside of my work or home unless it was the family reunion once a year. That was my comfort zone and the only people I knew were in it.

That is how you picked your friends. The real Friend zone is in fact that circle. The good friends were in it, distant and old friends were out of it. The internet and social media has allowed that zone to expand the circle. But it doesn’t replace the ‘friend get together’.

My friend zone is now international because of armwrestling.  And the tournament has become the ‘get together’. The best part of that GT is after. This is where the good stuff happens.  There is a sample clip of what I am talking about below. Take a look. The full clip goes on ARM TV tonight.

There has been some real demand for John Brzenk and the rest of us going UFC in the hotel so I will air it at 7:30 Pm, It will be Pacific Time. Join us. This will be a free clip so come on over. Here is the direct link..just click. Tell a friend.

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Badass armwrestlers

Can you get any more tough. Right here in this picture you will find five of the greatest armwrestlers in the history of the sport. From Left, the Mighty Ron Bath, Legend John Brzenk, The T Bagent himself, Snake face Cobra Rhodes, and finally Monster Michael Todd.

Notice Travis Bagent is the only one not sporting the ROTN event shirt. What gives Bagent? This ofcourse was taken after our $20,000 dollar party. Join us again at this event on October 10th 2009.

One Tough group of armwrestlers

One Tough group of armwrestlers