Have you ever armwrestled?

This is simple. In the sport of armwrestling, the mantra is…everyone in the world has armwrestled someone in their lives! Is this true?

If so join the group…and let us know.


If the theory is true, this could and should be the largest group in the world!! Pass it along.

Here is the facebook group for answering that question…

Don’t know what armwrestling is? Simon Berriochoa will gladly show you how 🙂


Badass armwrestlers

Can you get any more tough. Right here in this picture you will find five of the greatest armwrestlers in the history of the sport. From Left, the Mighty Ron Bath, Legend John Brzenk, The T Bagent himself, Snake face Cobra Rhodes, and finally Monster Michael Todd.

Notice Travis Bagent is the only one not sporting the ROTN event shirt. What gives Bagent? This ofcourse was taken after our $20,000 dollar party. Join us again at this event on October 10th 2009.

One Tough group of armwrestlers

One Tough group of armwrestlers

Armwrestling has BIG ENERGY

Armwrestling has some crazy energy. This was one of the first things I felt when I attended a tournament back in 2003. Crazy energy. You can feel the competitive spirit going on. It is addictive. This video was from the 2007 Canadian Nationals in Moosejaw Saskatewan. Hosted by Kayne Hemsing of FitIIFight gear.


The first official blog…here it goes..wish me luck. I am fortunate enough to be involved in a career that is one of a kind. I film armwrestling. As far as I know, I created the career. It didn’t exist before ARM TV.

It has brought many experiences from around the world and I would like to use this blog to scrapbook and create a snapshot of that history. ARM TV has a world full of knowledge from the last five years but you have to be an outright fanatic to go through it all.

Armwrestling is a sport that doesn’t get much respect. By condensing some of that material into short videos, pictures and thoughts maybe we can help raise awareness for some people outside of the sport.

Thanks so much,

Gary Roberts


Nathan Seamon takes him down!

Nathan Seamon takes him down!