Travis Bagent watches armwrestling on ARM TV

This is what motivates Gary Roberts. This is what keeps the ‘drive alive’ so to speak. I work way more hours then I probably should, and the wife Anissa will ask me…’why?’ I simply say..I love it. And loving this job is very easy but you still have to find something to motivate you day in and day out. Travis Bagent said it best in the clip below.

I love to hear these words. “I watched it on ARM TV” Travis Bagent has coined himself the ‘greatest left hander in the world’ and many would probably agree and it is cool that he watches ARM TV but it could be anybody. The words can come from someone attending their first event to John Brzenk, the greatest armwrestler of all time. A-N-Y-O-N-E . Knowing that there are guys and gals out there who need to know what is going on in the sport of armwrestling. They need to see the matches. I put that on my shoulders. It is up to me to deliver. Make it happen. I love it.

To love a job this much is very rare. I am very fortunate. I wouldn’t be here if it were not for the armwrestlers so to be able to do provide a service for them is an honor. The entire clip can be found here


Badass armwrestlers

Can you get any more tough. Right here in this picture you will find five of the greatest armwrestlers in the history of the sport. From Left, the Mighty Ron Bath, Legend John Brzenk, The T Bagent himself, Snake face Cobra Rhodes, and finally Monster Michael Todd.

Notice Travis Bagent is the only one not sporting the ROTN event shirt. What gives Bagent? This ofcourse was taken after our $20,000 dollar party. Join us again at this event on October 10th 2009.

One Tough group of armwrestlers

One Tough group of armwrestlers